Introducing proxy-by-directory

proxy-by-directory proxies web requests to a service using the directory prefix on a url.  For example, urls starting with ‘/database’ will be forwarded to a service on port 2222 and urls starting with ‘/articles’ may go to a web server on port 3333.

While trying to use proxy-by-url, I ran into an error: must provide proper url.  You can read more about the error and my motivation for creating proxy-by-directory.

Think Again

I successfully completed the course Think Again: How to reason and argue. It went well.  The course contains reasoning techniques useful to situations such as: buying a car, selecting a politician, evaluating a religion and choosing a course of action.  The course teaches students how to model these types of situations and soundly reason about them.  I  completed the course with distinction.

Completed course

I completed the inaugural course! I was interested in online courses and honing my machine learning skills, so I took the course. It was a success. Here is my statement of accomplishment. I learned that online courses have advantages that my college courses lacked. The ability to recall, replay and test on lectures in a user friendly manner. The shared experience of other students enrolled in the course, again stored away for convenient recall. I also became familiar with new algorithms such as PCA and large scale machine learning. I’d recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about machine learning .