Mufa 2015 Summer League – 8″ Floppy Disk vs. Down to Frisbee

8″ lost its first playoff game in a heartbreaker to Down to Frisbee. 8″ jumped out to a big lead in the first half 7-3 and maintained the lead 12-9 until the end. But Down to Frisbee’s determination and grit miraculously led to a tie 12-12. The teams traded points to make it 13-13 and with the night drawing near, the last point was scored by Down to Frisbee to give them the win.

8″ Floppy Disk 13; Down to Frisbee 14

Mufa 2015 Summer League – 8″ Floppy Disk vs. Bananiel and the Frisbeasts

8″ won again on Thursday vs Bananiel and the Frisbeasts. 8″ was up against some stiff defense from Bananiel, but made off with some points on turnovers and long hucks. Bananiel stayed in the game till the end, putting up points to make it a close 1 point game, but 8″ resolved to not let this game slip out of their grasp. A few long tosses, finally ending with Steve Moon’s arcing pass to Kristina settled the matter.

8″ Floppy Disk 13; Bananiel and the Frisbeasts 10