slurp-some Nodejs streams

slurp-some is a Nodejs convenience module I published that allows a user to read a stream up to some predefined amount and error if the stream contains more data. It is especially useful when receiving http data from the outside world which can get wild. A malicious person on the internet might try to fill your memory with bullshit data unless you specify a limit to the amount of data you’re willing to receive, which is what slurp-some does for you.

Mufa 2015 Summer League – 8″ Floppy Disk vs. Down to Frisbee

8″ lost its first playoff game in a heartbreaker to Down to Frisbee. 8″ jumped out to a big lead in the first half 7-3 and maintained the lead 12-9 until the end. But Down to Frisbee’s determination and grit miraculously led to a tie 12-12. The teams traded points to make it 13-13 and with the night drawing near, the last point was scored by Down to Frisbee to give them the win.

8″ Floppy Disk 13; Down to Frisbee 14