Docker Oracle 12c database and shared memory constraints

If you are trying to run an Oracle 12c Database ( in Docker and getting failures, you may have run into a shared memory constraint.  Native Linux Docker users may not have a problem, but macOS and Windows users taking advantage of docker-machine may run into errors while trying to run an Oracle 12c database because there isn’t enough shared memory available.

Try increasing the shared memory on docker runs with the –shm-size flag or even better create a new machine with more available RAM.  The second option is preferable so that you’re not depending on a special flag in your scripts.

docker-machine create -d virtualbox --virtualbox-disk-size 100000 --virtualbox-memory 2048 default

This creates a new machine with 100GB of disk space and 2GB of ram. That was enough to run a memory hungry Oracle 12c database.

slurp-some Nodejs streams

slurp-some is a Nodejs convenience module I published that allows a user to read a stream up to some predefined amount and error if the stream contains more data. It is especially useful when receiving http data from the outside world which can get wild. A malicious person on the internet might try to fill your memory with bullshit data unless you specify a limit to the amount of data you’re willing to receive, which is what slurp-some does for you.

Mufa 2015 Summer League – 8″ Floppy Disk vs. Down to Frisbee

8″ lost its first playoff game in a heartbreaker to Down to Frisbee. 8″ jumped out to a big lead in the first half 7-3 and maintained the lead 12-9 until the end. But Down to Frisbee’s determination and grit miraculously led to a tie 12-12. The teams traded points to make it 13-13 and with the night drawing near, the last point was scored by Down to Frisbee to give them the win.

8″ Floppy Disk 13; Down to Frisbee 14