Traveling without moving

I want to speak with you about traveling without moving. The physical world feels so real to us, so much so that it's hard to imagine traveling without moving through something physical. We often think of the world outside us, the world we see when we look out our eyes and hear out our ears and so on, and imagine ourself in it.

Our modern understanding of how the brain creates our conscious perception of reality, we can begin to see how this physical reality we experience depends on our senses and our brain interpreting them into something that feels like a solid desk, or an audible sound and so on. Our lucid dreams demonstrate that we can experience a reality outside of what we think of as the physical world and it can be nearly or as immersive as waking life. This is an example of traveling without moving through the physical world.

When we imagine a world, maybe it's our world in the future, or maybe it's a dream world - we travel without moving. I think it's a valuable perspective because we might be able to think about less physical states and places we might travel through or between. The mind may have to journey through a series of emotions and memories for example, on the road to a new and different place. We might need to loosen our grip on the physical world, with all its trappings, to find something beyond surface-level.

The external world is what we normally communicate with each other through, and so it's naturally what we (mostly) all agree on is real, since we all share the medium for communication, thus it becomes the dominant shared reality.